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05 Feb '15

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Hyperballad at Spoke Art

PRISMA Collective's 3rd annual group show

Following our first two annual exhibitions in San Diego and Los Angeles, the PRISMA collective will embark on its 3rd year tour, moving up the West Coast to land at Spoke Art’s San Francisco gallery on February 7th. For those who are not familiar, PRISMA is an artist collective founded by Kaspian Shore in 2011 that brings together an eclectic group of renowned creatives from all around the globe — the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Please visit the official website at to view all of the seriously amazing artists that are a part of this group.

Those who are familiar with my work know that music is a big part of my soul but it’s been a while since I’ve actually named one of my pieces after a song I love (the last was for a painting in my 3 Circles Series called A Song to Keep Us Warm after Radiohead’s song of the same name). Wanting big, colorful and majestic mountains to play a major role in my newest piece, I couldn’t help but think of Björk’s song Hyperballad as I painted. Just check out the opening lyrics…

We live on a mountain,
right at the top.
There’s a beautiful view
from the top of the mountain.
Every morning I walk towards the edge
and throw little things off
like car-parts, bottles and cutlery
or whatever I find lying around.
It’s become a habit,
a way to start the day…

See what I mean?
So without further ado, here’s my newest piece, Hyperballad…


16″ x 20″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas
Available for sale at Spoke Art HERE


The most exciting news is that not only will this show be an incredible collection of artwork but PRISMA has created it’s FIRST OFFICIAL PUBLICATION – the PRISMA book – which will be released exclusively and in a First Limited Edition run at Spoke Art on February 7th. Not only is the PRISMA book a vast collection of artwork but it includes insight into all of our personal careers including biographies and fun Q+A’s.
You definitely want this.

PRISMA Book Preview

So if you’re in the area, check out PRISMA’s 3rd Annual Show at Spoke Art opening February 7th (exhibiting through February 28th) and pick up a copy of the book before it sells out!

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07 Jul '14

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Sight Beyond Sight: The Wild Unknown

Exhibit at Arch Enemy Arts Gallery

Sight Beyond Sight at Arch Enemy Arts

Sight Beyond Sight is an exciting new exhibition presented by Arch Enemy Arts located in Philadelphia. The show features brand new and original works by myself, Edith Lebeau, Naoto Hattori, 100taur, Aof Smith, Chris Leib, David Natale, Peca, Scott Kirschner, and Veks Van Hillik.

Sight Beyond Sight takes a unique look at the world to come, focusing on a mysterious and esoteric look at the future – a journey into the unknown. When I think of the future and the unknown, I feel a simultaneous mixture of hope and fear. The birth of a new and wild unknown can be exciting and terrifying. And what better way to exemplify that than with an actual new life? To me there is nothing more filled with possibility and promise. So here is my new piece for Sight Beyond Sight…

The Wild Unknown by Michael Shapcott
The Wild Unknown
16″ x 20″
Graphite/Acrylic/Oil on Canvas


Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
July 11th – August 31st 2014


Friday, July 11th from 6 pm – 10 pm

The Wild Unknown (detail) by Michael Shapcott

Preview the show and check the availability of artwork HERE.

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14 Feb '14

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PRISMA Collective’s 2nd Annual Group Show at WWA

So back in 2011, awesomely talented artist (and really great guy) Kaspian Shore brought me into an international collective of thirty incredible artists who work in a wide domain of mediums including painting, digital art, drawing, illustration and sculpture. I am honored to be a part of the PRISMA Collective and I’m excited to announce that this February we are kicking off our 2nd Annual Group Show at WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA!

Here is my piece for the show…

Rowan by Michael Shapcott
11″ x 14″
Graphite/Acrylic/Oil on Canvas


WWA Gallery, Culver City, CA
Feb 15th – March 15th, 2014


Saturday, Feb 15th from 7 pm – 10 pm

Hope you can make it out!!


*For those interested, my original painting Rowan is now available at my store HERE. I have also released a Limited Edition print run of 30 and those are available HERE. Please email me at if you have any questions. Thanks!

– – UPDATE – –

It was announced that PRISMA’s show was WWA’s final Fine Art show. They will be refocusing their efforts into their sister gallery, the Wonderful World of Animation. I have enjoyed exhibiting with them and am sad to see the Fine Art Gallery close. Thanks to everyone at WWA for giving artists like me a great place to show their work. I wish you continued success with the Wonderful World of Animation and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

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01 Dec '13

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The Moleskine Project III

I’m incredibly honored to be taking part in the third annual Moleskine Project, curated by PRISMA Artist Collective’s Rod Luff and Spoke Art director Ken Harman. This year there will be 70 international artists filling the gallery with framed Moleskine sketchbooks spread open to a double page. This is a show you certainly don’t want to miss! The Moleskine Project III opens December 5th and will be on view through December 21, 2013.   Here’s my piece for the show…

Loom (Moleskine) by Michael Shapcott (studio photo)
8 x 10
Graphite on Moleskine


Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA
Dec 5th – Dec 21st, 2013


Thursday, December 5th from 6 pm – 10 pm


I can’t tell you how psyched I am to be part of this awesome line-up! View all of the works from this and previous Moleskine shows on Spoke Art’s site HERE.

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08 Sep '13

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You and I, And the Worlds Between Us

I am excited to announce an exciting new show featuring new collaboration works from the PRISMA Artist Collective presented by ArtHatch and Distinction Gallery. In case you don’t already know, PRISMA is an international artist collective founded by painter and curator Kaspian Shore in November 2011. The group currently supports 30 talented creatives, working in the fields of traditional and digital painting, drawing, illustration, sculpting and collage, and I’m proud to be among them!

For this collab show, I was slated to complete one piece with the awesome Casey Weldon and one piece with the amazing Lindsey Carr. I admire them both as artists and was honored to have the opportunity to work with each of them. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete a piece with Lindsey (although I do hope to do so in the future!) but thankfully Casey and I pulled it off.

It was a blast creating this piece with Casey. His work is really impressive and not only getting to see it up close and personal but meld my style with his was incredibly cool.

So here is our piece for the show…

Smuggle by Michael Shapcott & Casey Weldon
18″ x 24″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Wood Panel
Collaboration between Michael Shapcott & Casey Weldon


Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA
September 11 – October 5, 2013


Saturday, September 14 from 6pm – 10 pm


Preview the show on ArtHatch HERE and at Distinction HERE.

– – UPDATE – –

distinction-arthatch 130914_007

View some photos from the opening, courtesy of Distinction Gallery.

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11 Feb '13

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The Animal in Me at Subtext Gallery

I’m super excited to announce PRISMA Art Collective’s 1st Annual Group Show!!! The exhibit is entitled The Animal in Me and will be exhibited by the wonderfully awesome Subtext Gallery. The show will open February 15th and will run through March 17th, 2013.   Here is my piece for the show…

Halcyon Days by Michael Shapcott
Halcyon Days
16″ x 20″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas


Subtext Gallery, San Diego, CA
February 15th – March 17th, 2013


Friday, February 15th from 6 pm – 10 pm

Preview the rest of the exhibit on the Subtext website HERE to see all the awesome work that will be included in the show.


Featured PRISMA Artists include: Ana Bagayan, Tom Bagshaw, Lindsey Carr, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, Leontine Greenberg, Nicole Gustafsson, Caitlin Hackett, Daria Hlazatova, Ruben Ireland, Sarah Joncas, Nom Kinnear King, Kit Lane, Edith Lebeau, Alex Louisa, Rod Luff, Jen Mann, Kelly McKernan, Soey Milk, Lady Orlando, Lilly Piri, Audrey Pongracz, Michael Shapcott, Kaspian Shore, Allison Sommers, Kelly Vivanco, Casey Weldon & Bec Winnel.

– – UPDATE – –

I wasn’t able to make it out to see the show in person since I’m all the way in Connecticut 🙁 but luckily some shots are popping up across the web. HERE are some shots posted by the one and only PRISMA. And the photo below is courtesy of VEDA Art.

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