09 Jan '14

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ArtistADay Guest Curator Spot

With 2400+ artists in the ArtistADay archives, they realized that it can be daunting to find your favorites. To help, they partnered with artists, gallery owners, collectors and curators by asking them to share their top five favorite artists on the site. I’m a big fan of ArtistADay and was honored when they asked me to contribute a collection.


View my artist picks and browse through more guest curators’ picks HERE.

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27 Mar '12


Drawing a Drawing 365

Personal Portraits for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!

Drawing A Drawing 365

I’ve got an exciting new Kickstarter project in the works…
  • 1 portrait daily for 365 days
  • A new full-length painting tutorial
  • EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition prints
  • And rewards starting at just $5!!!
Join in the fun @

*Hurry! Sign-ups for this project end April 28th!

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23 Mar '12

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Michael Shapcott Day at MCHS

Michael Shapcott Day at MCHS

Art students from Muhlenberg High taking part in “Michael Shapcott Day”

As a requirement, students at Muhlenberg County High School in Greenville, KY study a living contemporary artist of their choice every semester. So when Ms. Stewart, a MCHS visual art instructor, wrote to tell me her AP Studio Art class chose me and was going to hold a ‘Michael Shapcott Day’ I was thrilled.

MCHS ArticleI’ve never been to Kentucky but it totally blows my mind that a high school there has heard of me. It’s a huge compliment that my work is valued and acknowledged in that way. All I can say is that I’m honored and Ms. Stewart and the art students of MCHS are awesome!!

For their study, each student created an ‘original’ work of art while concentrating on the ‘M.Shapcott’ technique of shading, acrylic washes, and details with oils. They then had a ‘Michael Shapcott Day’ where they ate the foods I liked, put on a presentation of my work and techniques, and most importantly showed off their own paintings in what they call an ‘Art Speak’ where the students discussed their work with fellow classmates, invited teachers, parents and administrators.

A shot from the day & a spread of my fav foods that students munched on

Photos from the day & a spread of my fav foods that students munched on

MCHS Student Work - JordanThe class was featured in two local newspaper articles and one student’s work received a Gold Key Award in the regional art exhibition with a chance to compete nationally (Congrats Jordan)! It has been so incredible hearing about the day and seeing all of the awesome pictures of the artists and their work. The students did an absolutely beautiful job interpreting my paintings!

So here’s a shout out and a huge THANK YOU to Ms. Stewart and the art class at MCHS!! Again, amazing job guys! I wish you all the best in your artistic endeavors.

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26 Jan '12


PRISMA Artist Collective

prisma-art_smbannerPRISMA is a bad ass artist collective of 25 international creatives who have gathered to engage in active discussion and collaboration. PRISMA brings together artists of all ages and at all stages of their career – some established; others up-and-coming and just beginning to break through. It is the group’s ambition to encourage collaborations and friendship, and to make the collective a place to foster and inspire each other.

The PRISMA Artist Collective is currently planning its first annual group show The Animal In Me in 2013, as well as two “warm-up” shows with a handful of select artists in 2012.

I am honored and excited to be part of this group. All of the artists are incredibly talented, amazing (and just plain nice!) and it feels great to be in such good company. A special thanks goes to group founder Kaspian Shore for rounding us all up and working so hard to make things happen.

Here’s a list of who’s in the club…
(Hover over an image to see an artist’s name & click to be taken to their website)

The website just launched so be sure to check it out at There are artist profiles, interviews, a store to purchase work from your favorite artists, and much more. You can keep up-to-date by liking our Facebook page, following the Tumblr blog, or hitting up the Twitter account.

ALSO – there are collabs in the works between me and fellow PRISMA artists that you are not going to want to miss. Seriously. More on that later.

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13 Sep '11

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Just found out I was featured on their blog today.
So awesome… thank you Juxtapoz!!!

Juxtapoz Blog_featuring Michael Shapcott_13Sept2011

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11 Sep '10

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It’s All About Passion

HDLCover_Pele-by-MShapcott_WEBThat’s the slogan for “hDL” – Home Design & Life Style – a high-end magazine that features the latest trends in fashion, design, lifestyle, and art (the last issue showed off artwork from the incredible Tamara Muller!). My painting, Pele, made it on the cover of their latest issue – my first magazine cover!

The publication is from Israel and when the production manager, Gil, sent me a copy, I expected that it would be in Hebrew but it was still a little surprising to open the cover on the left side (the issue reads right to left)! There is an awesome spread with some of my older work and I completed an interview which you can read in English here. I’m not quite sure what was said about me. All I know are the questions that were given and answered so if anyone knows Hebrew, please let me know what they are saying! You can view images of the full feature by visiting the press page on this website.


Curry’s ArtWise

AND I know that I’m a little late in posting this since we’re nearing the end of summer but I’d still like to share… I’ve been selected as the artist of the month for the summer issue of Curry’s ArtWise, a really great e-publication/newsletter from Curry’s Art Store located in Ontario, Canada. The issue includes four paintings – Pele, Girl and the Owl, Going West, and Auburn – and I offer my personal thoughts and inspirations behind each piece. Check out my newsletter feature by visiting the press page HERE.

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