23 Feb '12


New Painting to Show at Thinkspace

Work in Progress (Graphite Underdrawing)

Work in Progress (Graphite / Gesso)

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of seeing into the future. Ultimately I feel that we are the creators of our own destiny but also that there is this mystery and force that is greater than ourselves simultaneously at work. It’s no doubt that our choices and actions help to create our future but how much is left to fate or to the great threads that link all of our lives into one? Perhaps most intriguing, is there a way to tap into and obtain a glimpse of what can or will happen to us?

Picks-of-Harvest_WIP-Studio_MShapcott_WEBWith these questions and ideas in mind, I decided to create this visual story of a girl who traveled a long distance and overcame many challenges to obtain an ancient power to see into the future. Instead of a crystal ball, her tool is an actual crystal which she retrieved from this rocky and violent mountain landscape. The painting image is the point where she rests with her hard-won prize and is unexpectedly shown a major shift in her life’s course, a big change like the one often depicted in the death card from tarot decks.

The girl in the painting is named Crystallina. I found it fitting not only because her power comes from a crystal but because of an interesting personal story… A few years back, my fiance and I decided it’d be fun to go to a psychic. During my session, the woman reading me looked at me and super-seriously said something like, “When you’re painting, there is a spirit around you helping you. Her name is Crys… Crysta… Crystal… CRYSTALLINA!”  I didn’t really know what to think. I remember part of me found it funny (a “bull s!@#” might have ran through my mind) but another part of me was intrigued by the idea of this spirit helping me paint and maybe working through me somehow.

The Death of Crystallina by Michael Shapcott  
The Death of Crystallina

24″ x 36″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas

The Death of Crystallina (detail) by Michael Shapcott


This piece will be exhibited alongside many other talented up-and-coming artists at Thinkspace Gallery’s Picks of the Harvest 2012 show opening March 3rd and on view through March 24th in Culver City, CA. It’s an amazing line-up so if you can make it out in person, do it! If you’d like to see a preview of the show, visit Thinkspace’s sneak peek HERE. The complete lineup is listed below.


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13 Nov '11


The Girl and the Wolf

The Girl and the Wolf (underdrawing) by Michael Shapcott

The Girl and the Wolf (underdrawing)

The Girl and the Wolf by Michael Shapcott  
The Girl and the Wolf

16″ x 20″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas

Prints available at Society6 for those interested.

**Many thanks to Rebecca Reading for the beautiful reference!!

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21 Aug '11


Painting a Painting No. 8: Kierra

Kierra drawing by Michael Shapcott

Kierra (underdrawing)

Kierra (detail)

Kierra (detail)

Kierra by Michael Shapcott 

24″ x 30″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas

Painting a Painting No. 8 | Kierra

(click HERE for best FULL-SCREEN view)

Prints for this piece can be found HERE.

**Many thanks go to the reference photo for this piece:
After a Day of Play by Basseca.

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12 Jul '11


Summer Sale: Lola’s Note

Lolas-Note_MShapcott_webBeen pretty busy this summer… change of pace and space that includes a lot more sunlight in my studio and on my skin… some high points like my sister’s Jack and Jill and upcoming wedding next month… some heartbreaking times like one of my favorite people passing on to that other place… Time has been flying by and I don’t know where I’ll find myself next.

In case you’ve been wondering, yeah, I’ve been painting. Just haven’t released anything yet. Been trying to take it to the next level and it honestly takes – what else – TIME. The plan, of course, is to bust out a ton of amazing paintings! 😀

It’s happened more times than I can count, but here it is again… I feel like I am starting over. And whenever it’s time for a fresh start, I find myself saying, ‘Out with the old and in with the new’. All of my completed paintings and drawings have gone to loving homes save one – Lola’s Note. She’s been hanging out in my living room with my old records and my vintage cams. I’ve loved her there but it’s time to say goodbye. I want to find her a good home before I release the new painting I’ve been working on… so, I figured it’s the perfect time for my annual Summer Sale!

Here’s a shot of the new studio with Lola’s Note on the easel:

Lola's Note by Michael Shapcott (in the studio)

Lola’s Note
24″ x 30″ Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas

Lola’s Note the painting is on sale and the graphite study is included FREE with the purchase of the painting. For details/pricing, please visit the store. Thanks!!

Lola's Note Study by Michael Shapcott

Study No. 4 | Lola’s Note
10″ x 13″ Graphite on Bristol (acid free, heavyweight paper)

SOLD!! Thanks so much for the interest.

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10 Jun '11

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Study No. 3 | Reverie

Reverie Study by Michael Shapcott

Study No. 3 | Reverie
12″ x 18″
Graphite on Bristol (acid free, heavyweight paper)


Read more about my goodbye studies HERE.

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05 Apr '11


Study No. 2 | Pele

I’ve decided to say goodbye to the past by revisiting some of my previous work in a series of graphite drawings created from a selection of my favorite paintings (read the full story HERE). For my first goodbye study, I created a graphite piece based on The Girl and the Owl. Now, in my second creation of this type, I revisit Pele – my version of the fiery volcano goddess.

Pele Study by Michael Shapcott

Study No. 2 | Pele
10″ x 12″
Graphite on Bristol (acid free, heavyweight paper)


Stay tuned for more revisited work in the days to come!

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