November 18, 2011

Inspiration: Pencil to Paint


Michael Shapcott, Opal, 2009
Pencil to Paint

Some of you may be familiar with my technique of painting over detailed graphite work (view my P2P gallery HERE) so you can imagine how much I love comparing the drawings to the paintings afterwards. I think you can tell a lot about an artist’s technique from the “Pencil to Paint” and it is so inspiring for me to study other artists’ processes. So, with that in mind, I threw together some of my favorite studies and their paintings to share with you all…

Pencil to Paint_Herbert Draper_The Mountain Mists

Herbert Draper, The Mountain Mists, 1912

Pencil to Paint_CC Askew_Kshatriya

C.C. Askew, Kshatriya

Pencil to Paint_Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema_The Pyrrhic Dance

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, The Pyrrhic Dance, 1869

Pencil to Paint_Mark Ryden_Allegory of the Four Elements

Mark Ryden, Allegory of the Four Elements, 2006

Pencil to Paint_Klimt_The Three Ages of Woman

Gustav Klimt, The Three Ages of Woman, 1905

Pencil to Paint_Audrey Kawasaki_Charlotte

Audrey Kawasaki, Charlotte, 2011

Pencil to Paint_Shinohara Ai_Think Back on Womb

Ai Shinohara, Think Back on Womb

Pencil to Paint_John William Waterhouse_Flora and the Zephyrs

John William Waterhouse, Flora and the Zephyrs, 1898

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  4. Hey, I just featured you on Illustration Age. It will be online in a few days, (I’m a assistant editor there) love your stuff and videos. Deffinately learned a couple of things. Thanks for that.

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    I love your inspiration, thanks for sharing it.

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