November 13, 2011

The Girl and the Wolf

The Girl and the Wolf (underdrawing) by Michael Shapcott

The Girl and the Wolf (underdrawing)

The Girl and the Wolf by Michael Shapcott  
The Girl and the Wolf

16″ x 20″
Graphite / Acrylic / Oil on Canvas

Prints available at Society6 for those interested.

**Many thanks to Rebecca Reading for the beautiful reference!!

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  1. while that looks like a really awesome picture can’t believe that it’s a drawing. I think the image is really well composed it’s excellent that you put it online for everyone to see thanks

  2. The drawing is fantastic – the girl and the little wolf are a perfect match.

  3. The combination of wolf and girl, looks great. It reminds me my old days of art school.

    – Richard Maxton

  4. Simply amazing. Wow.

  5. mike

    What do you mean? I always look like a hermit that stepped out of a cave! Haha. But, yeah, the new ones are taking longer. Lots more detail and finishing involved. Glad you like it!!

  6. Rob

    That’s awesome. Looks like it would take a long time to produce. Do you start out healthy and clean shaven and then by the time you’re done you look like a hermit that just stepped out of a cave?

    Certainly worth the time and effort you put into it. You are the master of facial expressions!


  7. mike

    Thanks Emma! Glad you like the speed paintings and the music! Unfortunately, no video for this one… but keep an eye out for next time! 😉

  8. Emma

    Beautiful work as always! Did you do a time-lapse video of this one?? I love your videos as well as the music you pick! 😀

    From a fan in New Zealand!

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