March 13, 2011

F – – k!!!

You may or may not have noticed but the site has been screwed up for a couple days. Sorry about that. We were doing a routine update, something happened, and the site reverted back to an earlier version… which means that we lost a lot of updates and most importantly the blog posts we worked so hard on. Needless to say, chaos ensued and there have been tears. My dedicated fiancee, Melissa, is doing everything she can to restore the site back to how it was… most of the pages are pretty much back to normal. Now she’s working on restoring the blog. We might lose all of the link-backs and wonderful comments you all kindly left but hopefully we can at least get the posts back. Sorry you guys. Wish us luck!!

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  1. Maia

    Goooooood luck !!!

  2. mike

    Thanks for the info. I’d actually love to try and restore the comments. I don’t know too much about google cache though. So far, we’ve been restoring the blog through the RSS feed (copy/paste type deal on google reader). If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email, I’d appreciate any details or tips you might have.

  3. damien

    Dunno how much time you want to spend on it, but google cache has some comments …

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